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Tbo Touch is the Vice President of the Money Team

Tbo Touch

Mzansi’s favourite radio host Tbo Touch who owns digital radio station Touch HD is making some great strides abroad. Touch who has been living his best life abroad lately by hanging out with American professional boxer Floyd Mayweather has announced that he has bee appointed by Mayweather as the vice president of Africa operations in his well-established company The Money Team.

Touch shared the exciting news on Instagram he said “Breaking News: Forbes number 1 for the decade, The Undefeated Champion Brand hits the continent. Johannesburg Cape Town and Lagos Nairobi. We are about to roll out Mayweather Fitness Gym, TMT Clothing & Merchandise and, get ready to join the winning team.

Floyd Mayweather

The star was recently trolled on social media after he attended the memorial service of Legendary NBA player Kobe Bryant to pay tribute to him at the Staples Center . Touch found himself trending in SA when tweeps said he was dramatic and why did he fly to the memorial service but others defended him and said he used his money to fly so they must leave him.

In other news – Palesa Madisakwane is not about fake or toxic relationships

TV personality and businesswoman Palesa Madisakwane has “learnt the hard way” when it comes to toxic relationships and has warned her followers about those who want to bring you down with them. The actress shared her two cents on toxic friendships on Instagram recently, urging her followers to be mindful of whom they allow in their space or spend their time with.

Palesa Madisakwane

In a rather direct and to the point post, Palesa said, “Be very careful of the people you allow into your life. Some people carry spiritual burdens and if you spend time with them they will rub off on you. She added that spending time in a toxic type of friendship or relationship will only result in setting one back in life. Read more

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