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Moja Love’s Sylvia Monyela whose children were murdered by her husband speaks out

Sylvia Monyela has lived a life of hell after the murder of her children and abuse at the hands of her husband.

But today she is grateful to the people who have shown her love and support, showering her with blessings and financial help.


On Moja Love’s Mamazala on Saturday night 4 December, Sylvia asked for help to get her belongings from her home, which she’d fled, because her husband was abusive and had killed all four of her kids.

His family apparently also mistreated her and during the episode, they chased her with a spade, wanting to beat her up, claiming they weren’t her belongings.

She said last January, she ran away from her marital home because her husband threatened to kill her and the kids with an axe.

She tried opening a case against him before the murders took place but at the time, police apparently didn’t help her. Eventually her worst fears happened when the husband killed her kids. The wicked husband was bust and sentenced to life. Sylvia’s story broke the hearts of many people who watched the episode. Some offered to give her money and a job and many asked that Moja Love give them an opportunity to help Sylvia.

Moja Love said: “Dear Mojalovers. Following up on tonight’s episode of #Mamazala. If you would like to donate to the family. Please send us a DM with your details and the producers of the show will be in touch with you.”

Tumi Sole posted a photo of a bank card with details where people could donate money.

“For those who watched #mamazala and have been asking about account details, tsa Mme Sylvia’s details, please see below. What a heartbreaking episode! Let’s do our part,” he wrote.

Tweep Maluja sent Sylvia R100 and said he’d send it every month. “I know it’s not much, but I pledge to do this for the next 12 months.”

Lady Faith said: “Anyone knows the lady? I’d love to offer her a job if she’s still not working.”

Queen B wrote: “This is the time where we can come together as a nation and see what we can do for her after police and social services failed her.”

Matthew Bank offered to buy her groceries.

“My DM is open, if you know her, may you kindly inbox me. I would like to help her with groceries, for seven months,” he said.

Sylvia told Daily Sun she was overwhelmed. She said while other people were calling asking for her bank details to send her money for survival, some have been calling just to comfort her and check on how she is holding up.

“Since the burial of my kids, I really can’t remember when last I had so much money on me,” she said.

Sylvia said the show has opened the old wounds as she recalled how her kids were killed.

“Justice has been served for my murdered children, but it hasn’t been easy for me. It is hard emotionally because I miss my children. I don’t sleep at night and sometimes I sleep next door. I end up using snuff thinking that the pain will ease, but it is still there.”

Baroka Funerals helped her with tombstones at her children’s graves. She thanked Baroka and Mamazala for helping her.


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