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25-year-old Sweety Ngcobo has not yet tasted Anaconda, wants to stay a virgin until she is 35

Sweety Ngcobo

Staying pure is Sweety Ngcobo’s personal choice. The 25-year-old virgin from Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni, says she’s focused on her goals and wants to remain pure until she’s 35.

She said she wanted to focus on her books rather than having a good time.

“I want to have a better life, and the only way to attain it is to focus on books, not men,” said the second-year tourism student.

“I made it to 25. I don’t see why I won’t get to 35.”

Sweety told Daily Sun she decided at an early age not to get involved in s.e.xual relationships, and this had saved her from problems experienced by women her age.

“Peer pressure is something I don’t experience. I’m doing something I love,” she said.

“This is a personal decision. I’d advise young girls to stay away from s.e.x and focus on their studies.”

Sweety belongs to Ndabazane, an organization which encourages girls to stay pure, and she’s also part of Etwatwa Virgin Group.

She said her mum Dimakatso (46) is her number one supporter.
The proud mum said: “As a single mother, it feels good when your child listens to you.

“Sweety’s decision to stay pure is her own, and I support and encourage her to continue doing that.”

Co-ordinator of the Etwatwa Virgin Group, Johanna Mthethwa, said the girls were tested on regularly and rituals done to cleanse the whole group if one of them was found to have lost her virginity.

“We consider it bad luck to all other virgins and the man who slept with the girl buys a goat,” she said.

-Daily Sun

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