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This VIDEO of SA man sitting in a supermarket trolley while holding on to a speeding truck goes viral

A daredevil was caught on tape flirting with death. He was captured on video sitting in a supermarket trolley while holding on to a truck that transports fuel, travelling on the N1 south in Centurion, Tshwane.

It’s unclear what prompted him to execute the dangerous manoeuvre or where he was going.

Despite his life-threatening stunt, the man seemed unbothered. He smiled and waved at the person who was filming him risking his life.

Some people on social media weighed in on the potentially catastrophic situation. Sandilelushaba1 tweeted: “This is what we call idelakufa. A trolley travelling at 80-100km/h, this will end in tears after hitting one pothole, but I had to laugh.”

Edwin said: “There are so many factors that can just go wrong here, like the trolley wheels. We all know how weak they are. Maybe he is lucky it’s raining so the wheels cannot melt or break from the speed of the vehicle.”

Ginindza78 said: “Imagine if those wheels give up because they have no bearings? The fun would stop right there.

JMPD spokesman Xolani Fihla said: “Freeways are prohibited to pedestrians and cyclists, and those found to be walking along or across freeways can even be arrested.

“Any reckless action by a pedestrian along a roadway is considered a crime, the perpetrator will be either fined or arrested,” Fihla said.

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sk khoza

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