Pearl Modiadie has a new show that she is super excited about

While the coronavirus pandemic may have delayed some of the plans that Pearl Modiadie had for 2020, she’s full of faith that it will come to pass and when it does, she’ll be ready to forge ahead with her plan to help the people of Tembisa, where she comes from. In a recent catch-up interview the TV presenter told TshisaLIVE what she’s been keeping busy with and new projects she can’t wait to share with Mzansi. “I’ve been busy with Metro FM and that’s my everyday excitement for three hours. I’m super grateful for that but I am also currently working on a new SABC 1 show that I can’t wait for Mzansi to see.

Pearl Modiadie

Pearl shared some of the details of the show she’s been nothing but “proud” to be a part of. She said that being able to go back to help the community that helped her become who she is gave her a great sense of fulfillment. The show is coming to SABC 1 soon and it sees me going back to my hometown Tembisa to help fix families, to fix family dynamics. I don’t think anybody can prosper to the best of their ability when they come from broken families because that is often something that holds them back.

Pearl Modiadie

As she spoke, Pearl got teary and she explained that it was because she hoped that people from her township would get to a point where they could dream “beyond their circumstance”. This show, which she couldn’t name as yet, would at least help deal with one of the things that hold most people back, broken families.

Pearl Modiadie

“I’m becoming emotional just talking about it because it is so important to me and because that is where I am from and it’s one place that really made me who I am and I want everybody there to also see their potential and see what they can become if they dream beyond their circumstances. That’s why it’s so important,” she said. It sounds like it’s going to be an interesting show!

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