Twitter makes fun of the suit made out of foil on #OurPerfectWedding

Anitha was not interested in marriage, at all! She kept giving Moses the run around, but he didn’t give up on her. The couple met way back in 2007, through mutual friends. Anitha’s friend was dating Moses’ friend at that time and it so happened that the guys came over for a visit one time. Moses approached her and asked if they could speak in private outside. Guess what she asked him to show her? His ID! Yep, his ID! She wanted to be sure she wasn’t about to get involved with a younger man.

A few weeks later he got her number through the friend and they started chatting regularly. At this point, Anitha and her friend ran into some trouble with their landlord and they needed a new place to stay.

Moses offered to free up some space at his place so she could come stay with him, but she was a bit skeptical at first. She later moved in with him and the idea was for her to stay for a month, while she looked for her own place. However, she ended up staying longer and in 2008, they had their first daughter.

They were in Menlyn when she noticed a ring at the bottom of the glass she was drinking from. She was shocked and thought it must have been some mistake. He had to explain to her that he wanted to marry her, and she said yes!

In other news – Here is the real Reason why President Ramaphosa extended the lockdown

The lack of compliance with COVID-19 lockdown measures in the country’s townships and informal settlements has reportedly been cited as one of the reasons President Cyril Ramaphosa decided to extend the lockdown.


The continued lack of compliance with regulations in the country’s townships and informal settlements is one of the major contributing factors that led to President Cyril Ramaphosa extending the lockdown until the end of this month. Read more

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