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Nathaniel Julies’ mom still seeks answers a year later

Thursday marks exactly a year since 16-year-old Nathaniel Julies was gunned down by police, just metres away from his Eldorado Park home.

Three police officers were arrested and charged with the murder of the Down syndrome teen.

They are out on bail with the trial yet to start.

Nathaniel’s mother says the family is still looking for closure and answers.

Source: eNCA

In other news – Black Coffee’s ex-wife Enhle Mbali dragged into DJ Zinhle’s pregnancy

Mzansi got excited after finding out that DJ Zinhle is pregnant and expecting her second child. The official announcement got people excited so much that they started dragging Black Coffee’s ex-wife Enhle Mbali.

DJ Zinhle and Enhle Mbali

Tweeps praised DJ Zinhle saying she does not embarrass the father of her child and does not make electricity demands. Enhle Mbali has made so many demands for her ex-husband DJ Black Coffee. Learn More

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