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Ex-EFF spokesman hijacked & robbed

Former EFF spokesman, Vuyani Pambo, was hijacked on Monday night, 27 June. This was announced by the party through a statement in which they condemned the crime against Pambo, who is now the party’s Head of Presidency.

Current EFF spokesman, Sinawo Tambo, said the incident was premeditated with the aim to secure some valuable documents.

“In a trend of violent crime, which characterizes South African society, three-armed men approached Commissar Pambo’s car, demanded money, and took the vehicle.

“The three well-built, masked men operated with precision and took Commissar Pambo’s car outside his mother’s house,” said Tambo.

He said the armed men drove around in the vehicle and fled with Pambo’s personal belongings, which included his passport, identity document, organizational material, and other valuables.

“After completing their heist, they left the car behind. Tambo said it is clear through the manner in which the operation was conducted, that it was premeditated, with the intention of intimidation and securing of certain valuable documents and information.”

However, Pambo was not injured during the ordeal.

“The EFF is thankful that Commissar Pambo was not hurt during this incident, especially that his child, his mother, and himself were left unharmed,” Tambo said.

He said the incident reveals yet again that no one is immune to crime in South Africa and that the continued incompetence of the government has given criminals the boldness to strike with the full knowledge that there will be no consequences.

“Criminality, especially organized crime, has reached intolerable levels, particularly abductions, hijackings, and assassinations.

“The EFF calls on law enforcement agencies to increase their efforts to fight crime and increase visibility. The only deterrent to violent crime is increased visibility and the arrest of culprits in a swift manner.”

-daily sun

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