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Shocker: Lasizwe spills the beans on Khanyi Mbau’s love life

Social media star Lasizwe Dambuza dropped two major bombshells about his sister, Khanyi Mbau’s love life on the latest episode of Drink or Tell the Truth on Friday 17 September.

Khanyi Mbau made headlines earlier this month after she left her businessman boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga high and dry in Dubai while she caught a flight back to Johannesburg without telling him. To add insult to injury, the actress seems to be in the process of making a song with the words Shiya indoda eDubai. This means “leave the man in Dubai” when translated to English.

Although the pair experienced trouble in paradise, they made up and seem to be still going strong… from different parts of the world as Kudzai is still in Dubai.

While Khanyi Mbau’s half-brother Lasizwe Dambuza often avoided questions about his sister. He let a little more than usual spill on this week’s episode of Drink or Tell the Truth.


When Lasizwe’s guest Boity Thulo asked him who was a better match for Khanyi from her ex Tebogo Lerole and Kudzai Mushonga, he said it was Kudzai because he gave her the world.

Khanyi Mbau and Tebogo Lerole were together for a decade before they broke up in 2020. While emphasizing that all her material needs were met with Kudzai, Lasizwe also implied that Khanyi Mbau financially struggled while she was with Tebogo.

“Between Kudzai and Tebogo Lerole, who do you think was the best partner for your sister and why?,” asked Boity.

“They both offered different things, I believe. What we could see. I think Tebogo was more of that ‘we’re struggling now, but hang in there’. Like they had hardships, it was tough,” said Lasizwe.

“Kudzai offered Khanyi the world, like everything. Dubai, the businesses, Khanyi was set,” he continued.

He went on to ridicule Tebogo Lerole

While he said that with Tebogo it was like “Hang in there. I love you, one day is one day, it’s going to happen. I mean the guy is doing exceptionally well for himself now, with this movement of his, GBV. He is fighting for us, thank you, you know,” he continued.

“But back then… When last did you listen to Penny Whistles,” he added.

He went on to use his hands to explain that although Khanyi and Kudzai had love between them, one of them loved money more than the other person.

Boity brought up the alarming comment Lasizwe left under Kudzai Mushonga’s live video threatening him to stop speaking or he will start speaking about an incident that transpired in Dubai. She then asked him what he was talking about.

Lasizwe first reached for the bucket to signal that he was going to be quiet and drink. However, he then implied that he had told Khanyi that the relationship is not good for her, but that is all he could do. While Boity spoke about helping a person in danger.

“When you see someone is in danger, you must do something about it to help that person because most of the time they can’t help themselves,” says Boity.

“If they only exit they want to exit themselves. You can say hey guys please exit the relationship is not good for you. If she still wants to go back to that relationship or if he still wants to go back to that relationship, you just distance yourself,” said Lasizwe.

Lasizwe’s reaction implied that he was concerned about Khanyi being in a relationship with Kudzai after she left him and then took him back.

Watch the full episode here:

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