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South African actors’ salaries revealed

The word out there is that South African actors are underpaid. Several actors have come forward to reveal how broke they are due to the industry not paying them. Now we find out how much do they really earn.

This topic was raised up after Generations cast started striking because of being underpaid which ended up by people losing their jobs. This incident woke up a lot of actors and raised concerns.

Mybroadband reveals roughly how much South African actors get for entertaining us weekly and you would be surprised.

Main characters – Earn between R25,000 – R60,000 per month.

Supporting actors/extras – R1,500 – R5,000 per call.

Randoms on set – R250 to R500 per call.

Actress Omuhle Gela revealed on Metro FM that SA actors are not recognized and don’t get what they deserve. She went to say that SA actors are poor and if you don’t have a side hustle you won’t survive.

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Source: dailyworthing