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Actress Sonia Mbele On People Not Knowing Her Name

Usually, when a person plays a memorable character, that character name sticks with them until eternity. This is the case with Sonia Mbele who played the iconic role of Ntombi Dlomo on Generations – before it got revamped to Generations: The Legacy.

Sonia Mbele was part of the original Generations which saw the entire getting canned by the creator Mfundi Vundla. She however did not get fired as she left in 2009, after spending 6 years on the show, having joined in 2003.Sonia-Mbele-and-Menzi-Ngubane

The reason she left the show was apparently because of her ex-husband’s controlling ways. Sonia revealed that Leslie Sedibe started off by restricting her from watching the soapie to then asking her to hand in her resignation.

Ntombi played alongside the late Menzi Ngubane who played Sibusiso, and together they shared a daughter Christina, who also got fired, sadly. Her reason for quitting the show was because her relationship with her onscreen husband Sibusiso was too uncomfortable for Leslie.Sonia Mbele1

Together they shared a bond so amazing that people still call her Ntombi, despite playing another role on

Taking to Twitter, Sonia posted a thirst trap picture of her boobies and few people commented by calling her Ntombi. She answered in shock that people still refer her to that name.

Commenting were people who told her that the name is stuck with her and there is nothing she can do about it.

Speaking to Phat Joe’s Cheeky Palate, she had a conversation with Skeem Saam actor Cedric Fourie, Joe Kazadi and psychologist Buyisile Mncina. They touched on the challenges parents face when it comes to co-parenting and single parenthood.

Sonia said spoke in detail about how people would think that she married Leslie Sedibe for his money, “People have always said Sonia married for money, I’m like where? That guy earned a salary. He went to work, would take his suitcase with him, come home and then earn his salary at the end of the month. He was never a BEE or tenderpreneur, we both earned a salary.”

She then added that their marriage and divorce was very ugly. “Who am I married to? When you wake up and then feel like ‘I love you today, but then I hate you tomorrow’ type of thing. It doesn’t make sense how it could be that ugly.

“There was a time when we did not speak for years, and I am comfortable talking about this now, but there was a time when I wasn’t. The reason I am comfortable about this now is because my kids are grown and old enough to know, decipher, asses and decide…what I am saying now will no longer be a shocker to them,” she opened up.

Indeed, Sonia and Menzi created the perfect love story between Ntombi and Sibusiso Dlomo. When he passed away, she gushed over him and said, “I’ve been quite because I’ve been processing. I’m still battling! Ours was a love story crafted in television land, and you’ll forever remain Ntombi’s soulmate.”


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