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Somizi drags Mohale to the high court as divorce gets ugly

It never rains but pours for Mohale Motaung as Somizi Mhlongo turns to the High Court to serve justice in their much-talked-about depending divorce. In recent months their divorce has been dupped as the Mohale heist after the celebrated media personality quits with Idols SA judge Somizi barely a year after their colourful wedding.

The once power couple made all sorts of headlines when Mohale dropped daring allegations that Somizi physically abused him on several occasions. To make it worse, he also revealed that at some point, he saw his ribs being broken and being threatened by a kitchen knife after Somizi lost his cool.

In the mix of the allegations, Somizi saw himself being cancelled and losing his ambassadorial gigs with big brands such as Bathu. Despite their divorce making all sorts of headlines in recent months, it seems as if it has taken another twist.

Rumour mill has it that Mohale Motaung is pleading with Somizi not to take their case to the High Court but instead opt for mediation instead of going head-on in court. No doubt it has fast become one of those typical reality shows from Moja Love.

If the divorce case goes to trial, a showdown is expected, and things might turn ugly for Mohale after all. Close sources have it that Somizi Mhlongo has counter-accusations against Mohale. However, from the look of things, Mohale might have allegedly abused Somizi. It seems as if mediation will be in a bid to avoid Somizi giving his narrative to the courts.

However, despite Somizi’s willingness to share their estate, they decided to turn to the courts after Motaung’s arrogance. Somizi refused mediation after failing to meet Motaung’s demands. Also, Motaung’s refusal to engage the sheriff’s office worsened the situation.

Mohale has it that he doesn’t want anything from the estate but his clothes and car, which Somizi damaged in the mix of things. On the other hand, Somizi wants division of the estate and is more than willing to give Mohale his equal share.

Mohale’s refusal to take the matter to the courts has got Mzansi talking. Despite playing the victim, Mzansi seems to be more than convinced that Mohale might have also abused Somizi and fears that his dirty laundry might be split in the courts.

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