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Leaked chats: Somizi breathes fire, takes revenge on woman who exposed his divorce from Mohale

People are convinced that Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung‘s relationship is going through a rough patch at the moment.

Mzansi woke up to another story on their alleged divorce from a local publication. The article claims that the two are in divorce talks due to Mohale’s cheating ways.

Apparently, the man he cheated with is a married friend of Somizi’s.

“The guy is married to a woman and has kids. That is why Somizi did not come out about this because he wanted to be sensitive to protect the guy’s young children. The guy is also financially powerful, so he doesn’t want to drag his name and reputation,”

“Mohale is all over the show, but I don’t blame him. He is young and Somizi wanted to get married as he is old.

Mohale just wants to play, he was not ready. Even a week before the wedding, Somizi wanted to cut off the wedding because he found out that Mohale was cheating, but he could not,” the sources told a local publication.

After the article was published Somizi took to his Instagram page to drag the journalist who wrote the article and threatened to sue the paper.

Somizi revenge

The journalist in question is not worried about it as she also joined in on the fun and posted a screenshot of Somizi’s fans calling her because of the story.

We wonder how this one will end.

After spending his birthday and New Years Eve with Vusi Nova an Mohale going MIA (Missing In Action), many were convinced that they are going through a break up. Somizi had this to say:

“I have an ask….to the people who are so invested in my love life… your festive that bad that you’re so interested in what’s happening between me Vusi and Mohale….hayi it must be bad shemmmm askies… can I help bathong….@mohale_motaung babe siza tu. @novavusi love help”

Rumors of a love triangle between Mohale, Somizi, and Vusi on Mohale seem to haunt them since Mohale attended a friend’s funeral, while Somizi posted snapshots of him partying with friend Vusi on social media.

But the love birds are ignoring the hate and going on about their lives.

Mohale has tweeted a promise of more selfies in 2021 and he has been going at it. His latest for today is a new fresh morning selfie and a cup of tea.


In other news – Somizi catches Mohale cheating with a rich married man, close friends spill the beans

“Where there is smoke, there is fire”, they say right? Their marriage has long been rumoured to be on the rocks, now sources close to the couple say infidelity has led to divorce talks.

somizi and mohale

The once glossy marriage between media personality Somizi Mhlongo Motaung and his husband Mohale Motaung-Mhlongo may be losing its lustre, as the couple are allegedly preparing for an official split. Learn More

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