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Soweto man’s pen!s dies after messing with someone’s wife

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Nhlakanipho Mbatha enjoys fooling around with married women, but this time he pushed his luck too far!

The 38-year-old from Diepkloof, Soweto, told the publication his 4-5 has died and he’s desperate to get it back to life.

He said he met a woman four months ago at a mall. He saw the ring on her finger, but he wasn’t bothered.

“I’m just not attracted to single women. I believe the love of my life will come from another man’s marriage.”

They began dating that same day.

“When we started dating she told me she’s not a cheater and she was worried her husband might find out. But I didn’t want to hear about this,” he said.

But then towards the end of last month, Nhlakanipho got a nasty phone call from the woman’s husband.

“He told me I’ll regret going near his wife. He told me to stay away from her, but I didn’t want to leave her,” he said.

Then, a week later, he noticed his 4-5 wasn’t working anymore.

He didn’t have his usual morning erect!on.

“I went to a urologist who said I had nothing to worry about,” he said.

“He said it was my lifestyle and he gave me some pills.”

When the pills didn’t help he went to a sangoma who told him the woman’s husband had locked his 4-5.

The sangoma said he couldn’t help him as the muthi the husband had used was too strong.

“He wanted to teach Nhlakanipho a lesson. I really hope he finds help. This will be hard as this is a powerful man who went to a powerful sangoma.”

The wife told the publication she regrets cheating on her husband and hopes Nhlakanipho finds help.

“It was a mistake that should have never happened. I hope he’ll move on.”

-daily sun

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