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City of Cape Town on drive to release more inner-city land for social housing

The City of Cape Town is on a drive to release more central land it owns for social housing projects.

Two planned projects in Salt River will deliver more than 800 affordable housing opportunities, says Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis.

The Salt River Market site has been approved for handover for construction of a nine-story development, while a bigger site on Pickwick Road has also been tabled for final approval.

Geordin Hill-Lewis also outlined further plans to access state-owned land for social housing purposes.

Geordin Hill-Lewis, Cape Town mayor:

Besides doing everything in our power to deliver more affordable housing, we are advancing an advocacy agenda for national government to release the huge pieces of unused state land in the city, which are at least 77 times the size of the land the city owns.

…our commitment to more affordable housing in Cape Town is about giving people a pathway out of poverty… We also want more people to live closer to where they work.


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