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Slik Talk fires Nota from Cassper boxing match

Youtuber Slik Talk has fired music boss Nota Baloyi from handling his boxing match with Cassper Nyovest.

Slik hired Nota as his manager for the fight that he’s accepted from Cassper on Sunday, 21 November.

On Tuesday, 23 November, Slik released a video telling Cassper to communicate through Nota, who would handle everything from his side.

But Cassper tweeted that with Nota involved, he didn’t see the fight happening.

Later on Tuesday, Slik sent out a video and fired Nota.

“I just made a quick decision. Nota is out of the fight. I just decided he’s not going to be necessary for this fight.

“I think he will make things about himself and that’s what we don’t need.

“We need the fight to happen. We don’t need people talking about Cassper while I’m trying to prepare for the fight. Now the fight is going to happen. There is no Nota, there’s nobody. Communication will be done by me, directly.”

The YouTuber apologised to Nota for firing him via video.

“Nota, I’m sorry you had to find out like this, but you’re fired. We don’t need you in this fight, go back to Kwesta. This is a big fight for me,” said Slik.

“I want to get ready, I want to be prepared mentally. I don’t want anyone talking about Cassper, talking about anybody else while we’re focusing on this fight,” he said.


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