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Slik Talk apologises to Riky Rick’s wife Bianca

Controversial South African YouTuber Slik Talk found himself in hot water yesterday following distasteful comments he made about Riky Rick’s wife Bianca. He asked where Bianca was the night her husband took his life.

Riky Rick has been contemplating this suicide for two years, I know it, and a lot of people who listen to his music know it…where was Bianca in all of this?”

“My thing is, where was Bianca in all of this? I’m sorry but I have to ask the question. Where was the person sleeping next to him every night when he was going through all these troubles? Because I knew it, a lot of people knew it…did Bianca know it?” Said Slik Talk in the now-deleted video.

This afternoon he took uploaded a new video apologizing to Bianca for what he said.

“First and foremost, I just want to say that I apologise to Bianca Naidoo Riky Rick’s wife for the video that I made yesterday about her. It was extremely insensitive, very distasteful, and out of order. I just want you to know that I apologise for that video.

“It’s just that Riky Rick was such an impactful guy to the culture that I wanna know what happened. What led to that decision, why he did what he did that’s all? I was just speculating. I didn’t think the video would do what it did,” he said.

“I deleted the video and I just want you to know that I apologise for what I said in that video. I hope the video didn’t get to you and if it did just know that I’m very apologetic about what I said in that video.

“Riky Rick was a genuine good guy genuine good dude who changed so many people’s lives. Had an impact on so many people and put on so many people.”

He then told Bianca that he just wanted her to know that Riky was a good man.

“It just seems like in this situation it’s one of those things where they say the most depressed people tell the best jokes. It seems like Riky Rick putting on people and helping people was his way of therapy and his way of coping.

“I just want you to know that Riky Rick was a good guy and I hope his soul rests in peace, and I just hope you accept my apology for what I said in that video.
I” was watching the memorial today. Beautiful memorial, beautiful setting and a lot of good tributes. A lot of people had a lot of nice things to say about Riky and what he did for them and how he helped them change their lives. I was very amazed by the reception that Riky Rick got,” said Slik Talk.

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