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Skolopad slammed after sharing a very inappropriate video


Skolopad might have thought she was living her best life after missing out on the Durban July but a recent video she has shared has sparked a strong reaction from her fans and critics alike. For as long as we’ve known her, Skolopad has never been shy to show skin, push the boundaries and get people talking but her latest attempt to do so didn’t go down very well with the masses.


The racy socialite who is also a gospel singer (talk about double life!) had tongues wagging when she shared a video of herself in nothing but her bra and panties and a fur coat, driving at high-speed and touching herself provocatively – it was as raunchy as it sounds!

Queen skolopad

Perhaps she was provoked by all of the “Where is Skolopad?” tweets from the Durban July but on Sunday afternoon, the professional nurse (what did we say about double lives?) decided to make a statement when she filmed a video that she hoped would be sexy but appears to have missed its mark.

Skolopad’s fans quickly put her in her place within minutes of the video being uploaded, while her haters had a field day. Nobody approved of the adult-themed content she was sharing, and her carelessness behind the wheel was particularly frowned upon — especially because she herself was involved in a car accident back in 2018.



Although the video has now been taken down, Skolopad still wanted her fans to know that she was having fun in Durban whether or not she had been able to attend The July and she shared a pair of images (which we assume were taken at the same time as the video) suggesting that.

Many felt as if the socialite was trying too hard to stay relevant and make an impact and they wasted no time in condemning her risque and indeed risky behaviour
Despite taking down the original video, Skolopad does not seem to have been fazed by the criticism and has gone on with her regularly scheduled programming on social media.

She has even announced an exclusive red-carpet show for any fans who want to get to know her on a more personal level.

Do you think that Skolopad needs an intervention or should we leave her to continue building her brand as she pleases?

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