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Sizwe Dhlomo Reacts To AKA’s Music

Sizwe Dhlomo spoke on missing AKA‘s music and how it’s sad that we will never get to hear any of his new music ever again. Sizwe Dhlomo attended Anele Mdoda’s party where the DJ played the late Kiernan ‘Jarryd’ Forbes music. He said it is sad that AKA will never be releasing new music ever again.

“So we’re @Anele’s party & @BuzwePama just dropped an AKA song. It’s sad to know that we’ll never get any new music from the G.”

Sizwe Dhlomo

Sizwe Dhlomo and AKA were not the best of friends. They had their fair share of disagreements over the years however before his demise, AKA and Sizwe squashed their beef.

In an interview, AKA clarified that he and Sizwe were in a good space following their social media spats and taking jabs at each other in songs, etc.

“Haha, I don’t say me and Sizwe ever kumbaya’d but you know me and Sizwe have known each other for a long long long time … so, I just um, you know Warras is a good friend of mine, and a good friend of Sizwe’s as well.

Sizwe Dhlomo

“I thought what I said to him was funny, the bootleg jeans, but once again like I always do, I went too far and Warras arranged for us to sit down and talk, this is how things are going to be and then we apologized to each other and then that’s it. Isn’t that what men do though?”

Riky Rick even defended AKA after the whole Sizwe Dhlomo drama. He was on Instagram Live when he said to Da Les:

“For Siz to really get involved in that level…I see you’re a commentator but at the same time, you’re making money somewhere else you’re not making money in rap. So stop coming for the rappers. If you love this culture, build this culture but don’t come for the rappers.

Sizwe Dhlomo

“They [rappers] still tryna figure it out too, we all trying to figure it out. We haven’t figured it out like you have. We are not on your level. We don’t have farms,” he added.

Sizwe Dhlomo recently had people talking after he made his sobriety choices public. He once again clarified that he does not drink, smoke, or do drugs. At some point, Sizwe called for alcohol to be banned.

“You guys ask the same questions over & over again. Lol! No, I don’t drink. No, I never have. No, I don’t smoke either. No, I don’t do edibles or drugs. No, I never get curious. No, I never will,” Sizwe clarified.

Sizwe Dhlomo

Anele Mdoda said with all the alcohol available, she bought Oros for Sizwe:


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