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Siya Kolisi’s wife Rachel in another insecure saga

Rachel Kolisi

Instagrammer Zuki Lamani, who calls herself an “influencer”, makes her attraction to Springbok captain Siya Kolisi no secret, even sometimes referring to him as “ubaby”.

The Springbok captain’s wife posted just one emoji in response to an Instagram picture showing him and a female admirer, but it was enough to get her slammed on social media.

When she posted a pic of herself and Kolisi together, in which they can be seen smiling at each other in a way some might consider a little too familiar, she probably didn’t expect a reply from the rugby player’s wife, Rachel.

Zuku Lamani

The flanker’s better-half posted just one emoji by way of a reaction.

Rachel Kolisi

The ‘cup and straw’ emoji is Rachel’s way of calling the Instagrammer “thirsty,” which in this case means not that she needs a drink of water but that she is unable to conceal her obvious attraction to the rugby star.


The incident has caused much debate on social media.

Rachel and Siya Kolisi

Some reacted to Rachel’s emoji on Instagram by calling her “insecure” and saying that she was “embarrassing” herself, and others echoed these sentiments on Twitter.


 However, there are many who have said that Rachel’s actions are completely normal considering the amount of women who share their attraction for her famous husband.

A few people have blamed the “thirsty” Instagrammer.


Others have said that neither Zuki nor Rachel should be blamed, suggesting that it’s Kolisi who is at fault for not doing more to discourage his admirers.

Rachel has been labelled insecure before. In July, she became the subject of similar accusations on social media. This was after she reacted to someone who said she would not usually go after married men, but would make an exception for Kolisi, who she described as a “type”.

Rachel responded, saying  “[Siya’s] not ‘a type’. He’s a married man responsible for four children.” In another tweet, she said: “Just a side note. I’ve been there for all the good times. But I’ve also been there for ALL the bad times. Honestly, this should go without saying. Respect my relationship and woman to woman. Respect me.”

That time around, reactions also varied from those who dubbed her insecure and others who supported her comment.

Source: The Citizen