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5 times actress Simz Ngema melted our hearts

5 times actress Simz Ngema melted our hearts. The star has pulled one of the best come back ever in Mzansi entertainment industry. After going through such a dark period in her life, she has shown us that nothing can stop you to pursue your life goals, in a good way. After losing her husband in a horrible way Simz fought her way out of misery and stood tall against all odds.

Simphiwe Ngema is one of the most famous women in South Africa, we first met the beauty when she bagged a role on Muvhango and since then, she has become a part of our lives.

This is how the actress Simz Ngema describe herself as on her Instagram account recently: She is confident and shy. She is strong and gentle. She is stubborn but polite. She is loud and quiet (that depends on who she’s with). She’s the life of the party and the girl who can just sit quietly in a room full of people. Sometimes she likes make-up and other times she doesn’t.

She likes her hair straight, curly, colourful, plain and natural. She can get really serious but she loves to play and act foolishly. She got a big ego but she’s also humble. She is all this and more. No, you don’t know her. You just know a part of her that she chooses to show you.

Check these pictures we have compiled of her that we believe she had our hearts melt when we saw them…

Simz Ngema

My favourite lady so beautiful

Simz Ngema


Simz Ngema

Still on set. I’m exhausted. Can you tell?

Simz Ngema

Thank you for teaching me how to live @roberta_gumede you will forever have a special place in my heart. I love you❤️


Simz NgemaUkhona ozophupha ngawe tonight babes! Ungasabi, uthixo Nathi. Good afternoon