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Its OVER as Uzalo’s Simphiwe Majozi (Sbu) seriously cheats & abuses his politician Girlfriend

Uzalo actor Simphiwe Majozi, has been exposed by his girlfriend, now ex, for allegedly abusing her both physically and emotionally. According to City Press, Simphiwe dated Kekeletso Mahlelebe, a DA Councilor for 6 years, and she told the paper that it was not all rosey.

Speaking to the publication, Kekeletso alleged that Simphiwe put her through a lot in the relationship, even adding that he was abusive towards her.

She said the actor who plays Sbu on the number 1 TV drama in the country, cheated on her numerous times and even added that his family did not treat her nicely. She described the relationship as a ‘Rollercoaster’ and that his family and friends always intervened when they were not welcome to.

She even alleged that Simphiwe, who she shared a home with in Newlands, would sometimes bring his apparent side chicks over.

“Simphiwe was abusive. He cheated a couple of times, and his family was not nice to me, and he did not want to resolve anything,” she alleged.

The DA member even said he kept their relationship private and away from social media. She reckons that this was caused by the fact that he had many lovers, and that he could not explain to them who she was to him

Kekeletso even said she tried to commit suicide and he did not even try to stop her.

“I risked a lot to make sure that he was okay and that was draining because, at some point, I even tried to commit suicide. When that happened, he saw me taking the pills and he just said I must do it [kill myself]. The following day, he told me that I was being selfish and I was not thinking for my child,” she said.

The woman recounted the many times Simphiwe would reportedly cheat on her and sometimes said he would do it in front of her. He added that one of the lovers is apparently a girl who is turning 18 this year.

“I remember one time he had a gig in Pietermaritzburg where he kissed a woman in front of me … another time when we were in KwaMaphumulo, and he did the same thing. When I questioned him, he said he lived to give the fans what they wanted … There is also a girl who went to his house and that child is practically [a part of] his family. They were dating and she is turning 18 this year.”

Speaking on the alleged abuse, Mahlelebe said Majozi hit her once and she reached out to an NGO called Women For Change to assist. She also apparently asked the police for help.

“Simphiwe hit me once. I took him to the police station in Kwa-Mashu, and I asked the police officers to reprimand him and tell him not to do it again because I did not want them to arrest him.”

“Simphiwe loves his job so much and he will do anything to protect it. So, after that, instead of hitting me, he was emotionally abusive and did everything else to hurt me,” she concluded.

The actor has not said anything about this in his socials.


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