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Sho Madjozi opens up about inspiration behind her John Cena track

Sho Madjozi

As Sho Madjozi’s track John Cena continues to dominate social media TLs, the rapper says she never anticipated the love she’s gotten for it. I am excited that people are realising how organic my material is because there wasn’t really much that I did. I just went to Colors and performed, the responses that came after that I did not expect,” she told TshisaLIVE. The star explained that she has been hard at work, pushing herself to get where she is today but believed that globally she was still on the come up.

“It’s crazy that I got a shout out from John Cena who I used to watch on TV. Seeing that I was living in the village with my aunt, we didn’t really have a TV at home. The only time we were able to watch TV was when we watched Generations and WWE.”

Sho Madjozi

Sho explained that she didn’t intend on “tag lining” John Cena in the song and explained that she was focusing the song more on her heartbreak. I believe that I make heartbreak gqom. I wrote that song about somebody who’s trying to act like they don’t see me like John Cena. People just took it to another level.

Sho Madjozi

Speaking about heartbreak and her love life, Sho said she was “completely” single and was looking for an honest relationship“I don’t want to play hard to get anymore. I want to be with someone who I feel for, genuinely. Sho has also joined forces with Stayfree to launch a Facebook chatbot that is aimed at making conversations about menstrual health hassle-free.

Sho Madjozi's birthday party


“I am very excited about this project as I feel that Stayfree has been able to address issues in a more conversational form. They were also willing to hear my ideas and take them further. The Huku hitmaker explained that a lot of the time she was raised by her father and didn’t really know much about periods and the woman’s body.

Sho Madjozi

“Growing up I did such silly things because I was worried and embarrassed to talk about menstruation with my father, but this campaign will help young women out there to find answers to their questions.” In Sync with Sho Madjozi is available for free on Facebook’s Messenger platform and provides information through audio clips of conversations between Sho Madjozi and a health professional along with relatable illustrations and text conversations.

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