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Traffic cops caught on camera asking for R1 000 from Shebeshxt after they allegedly caught him speeding – WATCH

Controversial South African musician and performer, Shebeshxt is with no doubt been making headlines for the wrong reasons of late, from nightclub brawls to flaunting cash online.

In the backdrop of his newfound fame, he has had his fair share of drama.


Shebeshxt is trending after his video allegedly paying traffic officers a bribe went viral. The now-viral video has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on the internet.

Shebeshxt’s friend recorded the shameful incident. Rumour mill has it that he was pulled over for speeding. After conversing, the traffic officers were overheard asking for R1000 from Shebeshxt.

However, little is known if it was a bribe or just a lighter moment with a celebrity. Social media users were quick to take a swipe at Shebeshxt’s friend for recording the incident.

However, against the trends, Shebeshxt has yet to address the now-viral video. The National Traffic Law Enforcement is also yet to address the incident.

Earlier today, Shebeshxt topped trends after his video counting stacks of cash flooded X, formerly Twitter. In the clip, Shebeshxt counted the money, seemingly recording the amounts in a book.

However, this global trend has often attracted unpleasant headlines. Mzansi was quick to flood social media with their two cents. Fans were more than convinced that this might get him into trouble.

An X user tagged SARS and asked, “@sarstax, does this one pay tax? Phela, we don’t want to hear stories that he owes you millions while he’s out there chowing money recklessly.”

Another user added, “Is there someone close to Shebeshxt who can advise him not to take videos of such things? SARS is watching tomorrow. He will ask for donations from us when they are fetching everything he has [sic].”

“He’s starting to lose it now, next thing, SARS will be coming for him,” commented Bruno Man21.

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