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Shauwn Mkhize & Somizi serve some hot looks in expensive matching outfits – Pictures

Shauwn Mkhize & Somizi

They say ‘birds of the same feathers flock together’. Here MaMkhize and Somizi have something in common which is ‘ having the taste of expensive stuff’.

Larger-than-life TV star Somizi Mhlongo and opulent entrepreneur Shauwn Mkhize have all of us breathing through the wound and swooning over their matching outfits. Somizi posted a snap of them looking incredible with their matching Louis Vuitton outfits and bags.

Shauwn Mkhize & Somizi

We were all left with the question of whether the two are officially new Mzansi celeb best friends. Some tweeps even asked when the applications to join their friendship would open.

Remember when Somizi praised the reality star for her new show #Kwamamkhize which earned standing ovations from Mzansi last month? We are now convinced the pair are officially besties because Mamkhize also secured an invite to #Somhalewhitewedding.

Although she secured the invite her outfit became the talk of the town with many saying she missed the memo – but she slammed the haters.


The two yesterday attended auditions for Andile Mpisane’s music video which is set to be shot soon. The music video will be choreographed by Somizi and in an Instagram post, he said ” Thanks to all the young talented ladies who sent their audition videos for Andile Mpisane’s upcoming video shoot…Mzansi definitely has talent.

Shauwn Mkhize & Somizi

Sadly we can’t take everyone. The chosen ones will be announced later today and will have to be ready to be flown to Joburg first thing Monday morning for rehearsals till Wednesday for the shoot and return on Thursday morning.”

Somizi also wished Shauwn the best of luck for her team which is playing today in Mpumalanga. The two are definitely the birds of the same feather and we already love their new friendship.

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