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TV presenter Shamiso Mosaka speaks on the most shocking Ghosted: Love Gone Missing episode

TV presenter Shamiso Mosaka said goodbye to MTV’s first season of Ghosted: Love Gone Missing on Monday night, 18 October. The show she co-hosts with actor Oros Mampofu had Mzansi shocked by its drama every week, and Shamiso spoke to Daily Sun about the most shocking episode for her.Shamiso Mosaka0

“Episode nine was shocking for me. I was looking forward to watching it the most, it aired last week Monday. I think it’s because it turned out that both the haunted and the ghost were seeing other people on the side, while they were still together.

“They both didn’t know though and this was revealed to us by their mutual friend. They hadn’t said anything to us. It was quite interesting to see how much people lack accountability when they think their dirt isn’t out there,” she said.Shamiso Mosaka

Shamiso sad she felt like the haunted didn’t have the right to go to the show.

“This guy brought the girl to the show to ask why he was ghosted, knowing very well that she wasn’t aware of the fact that he had a girlfriend the whole time. If he had put that out there, he would know that he has no right to come to a show and ask other people questions, knowing he wasn’t honest himself. It was the audacity that blew me away,” said Shamiso.

The presenter also said she enjoyed shooting Ghosted.

“The first season was definitely way better than I expected. From the production team, to how everything came out. It was organic, nothing was scripted and I think we had a nice combination of situations. We had lovers, friends and relatives,” she said.

“We had people make up and some chose to remain ghosted. It was definitely an interesting season. There was a lot to be learnt. I would definitely do this again, even for five seasons. I enjoyed it,” she said.

Shamiso said she is working on a project that will run for a year on social media, but she cannot mention it yet.

MTV also shared their best Ghosted moments on YouTube. Check it out below.


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