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Twitter hope Shaka’s child and MaBongi are alive on #TheQueenMzansi

Shaka Khoza

Yoh! Tuesday’s episode of The Queen was dramatic, as riots hit the streets and left social media wondering if Shaka’s child may be dead. The episode saw an angry mob led by Sixteen and Kop force their way into Zodwa’s house demanding for Shaka and his uncle Brutus’ “heads”.

This came after the Tembisa Ten killings of ten teenagers who died after using drugs sold by the Khozas. Sixteen and Kop were seeking revenge at the Khozas’ door.

Before the riots began, Shaka was enjoying an intimate moment with his child, baby Mzi, in his mother’s house along with aunt MaBongi and Brutus.Before they knew it there was an angry mob outside.

Scared and afraid, the Khoza family then had to make a plan. They decided to go in separate directions. MaBongi was told by the mob to run away with baby Mzi to a safer place, while Shaka and Brutus disguised themselves among the rioters, with the riots now turned to the looting of the township.

Shaka Khoza

Trying to convince the mob to leave her home and son in peace, Zodwa was beaten and her house ransacked. As smoke loomed in the air, MaBongi found herself running aimlessly, as she tried to find a safe place to hide for her and baby Mzi.

Before she could get very far she was shot in the head while carrying baby Mzi on her back. The episode ended at that point and left tweeps deep in their feels.


Here’s what they had to say:

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