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Well-known SA sugar daddy Serge Cabonge quits blessing Slay Queens, reveals why

Serge Cabonge

Serge Cabonge told the publication he’s given up his blesser lifestyle.

The man who used to take young women on lavish trips to Dubai said the decision to rebrand himself came after a lot of introspection.

“I didn’t know the lifestyle was going to trend like that,” he said.

“There are things that I didn’t appreciate after it went viral.”

He said people started fake social media accounts and making fools of young women, asking them to do things he wouldn’t do, like sending pictures and not sending them money they promised.

“Those things pushed me to quit the lifestyle. It was affecting my business. It’s my name and picture on the fake account,” he said.

Serge said he also wanted to be a good example to his daughter.

“I’m raising a nine-year-old girl alone. I have to be a good example to her,” he said.

“I don’t want to face things like cases with the police in front of my daughter.”

Serge told the publication he doesn’t regret his past but is no longer that person.

“I now focus on doing things that uplift and aid the plight of young people and girls in society,” he said.

“I’d prefer to use my money on a person I love. Slay queens are just chasing after money.”

The controversial man said he never pooped on the girls when on overseas trips as was recently claimed in a podcast.

“All I did was travel with the ladies, spoil them and make them see the world, nothing outrageous,” he told the publication.

Serge said he’s been focusing on his entertainment company, which manages artists, sponsors reality shows which are mostly overseas, and sponsoring events across Mzansi. “We also offer help to students who can’t afford tuition fees,” he said.

-daily sun

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