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Amazing Pictures of BBW Segos Pumpkin having a good time at the Beach

Segos Pumpkin

Although this year’s climate had a little twist, where people got to experience a lot of heat due to massive heat-wave, it was a whole lot of great opportunity for others to go out to different water places, so to cool down themselves.

Segos Pumpkin

Especially to ladies who have incredible bodies, it was the time they could show off what their moms gave them. Rocking in bikinis it would obviously be a nice idea since it lets all out.

Segos Pumpkin

Therefore our favourite Instagram hottie and BBW, Segos Pumpkin looked so amazing in her swimming costume at the beach. Just imagine with that gifted body of hers in a costume, how exciting.

Segos Pumpkin

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This year fans saw a different side to Bonang Matheba aka Queen B. Sis has always been the perfect lady and in the past when those trolls came calling Queen B either used the block button or ignored them.

Bonang Matheba

However, this year Bonang was gatvol of the constant smack being said about her and delivered some ice-cold clapbackscontinue reading

Source: News365, Instagram