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Sean Davison facing another murder charge

Assisted dying advocate and Dignity SA founder, Sean Davison, is facing yet another murder charge.

His arrest late last year has seen new charges added with each court appearance.

Davison’s organisation has been lobbying to legalise euthanasia in South Africa.

He is alleged to have helped with the death of a Constantia man in 2015.

This is the third premeditated murder charge Davison faces.

Eric Ntabazalila explained, “The deceased is Mr Richard Holland, who was killed on the 8th of November, 2015. Where the accused administered an amount of drugs, which led to his death.”

Davison is accused of the asphyxiation of Justin Varian in the same year and administering a lethal dose of medicine to his friend, Anrich Burger in 2013.

Varian suffered from motor neuron disease while Burger had become a paraplegic after a car accident.

In 2006, he served time under house arrest in New Zealand for assisting in the death of his cancer-stricken mother, Pat.

The matter has been postponed to the end of May, to begin the procedure to transfer it to the Western Cape High Court.

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