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Rapper Saudi gets a new tattoo on his Face – Pictures

Tattoos are part of the hip hop culture and many stars have drawn various types of art on different parts of their bodies. Nasty C is also one of the people to recently get tattooed on his stomach. The hip hop game usually has various trends spawning and waning quite regularly – however, face tattoos have remained very much on trend!


The latest rapper who jumped on this trend is Saudi. The talented artist opened a window to his scores of fans on Instagram – to a tattoo session, whereby a part of his face was being inked out. It was quite a task to make out of Saudi’s tattoo.


However, upon close Introspection, it’s likely to be an anchor. The Make You Proud hit-maker didn’t only embellish his face but also his knuckles – a new tattoo written ‘Monopoly’.


LusiCartel: ”Gogo wont be happy about this one.”

Cruzi_M: ”MONOPOLY (LIFE) 🔥”

GKDolo: ”Mr rockstar with new tatto real dope.”


The face tattoo trend might have blown up a little too late on our shores, hence the American entertainment music scene, especially hip hop has BEEN riding high on getting their faces all tattooed up!

Rappers such as Lil Wayne and Kevin Gates have various parts of their bodies tattooed up, including their faces!

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Minnie Dlamini

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