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SA’s HIV infection rising at an alarming rate

Aids HIV

Just a week ago, a video of a girl bending over a table and giving a boy a bl0w j0b went viral. A number of shocking videos of pupils engaging in s.e.xual activities have surfaced in recent weeks.

The clip was soon followed by a video of two boys and a girl having a threesome. Now the shocking news has emerged that HIV infection has increased among young women.

Aids HIV

Mbulawa Mugabe, South African director of the United Nations Programme on Aids, said on Wednesday that there were 88 000 new infections among young women and girls each year.

Speaking at the national imbizo of religious and traditional leaders held in Sandton, Joburg, he said: “We have 10 new infections an hour among adolescent girls and young women.


“We have 240 new infections a day among adolescent girls and young women, and close to 1 700 new infections a week among this group.”

The news comes after Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi presented findings in June indicating there had been a decrease in new infections last year.

He said studies conducted by scientists and research agencies found there had been fewer infections than a similar survey found in 2012.

The survey showed the HIV infection rate was generally higher among women aged between 15 and 24 years, with the number of new infections being three times that of boys.

Source: Daily Sun

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