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‘Many SAPS Special Task Force members leaving to pursue better offers elsewhere’

A policing and crime expert said that South African Special Task Force (STF) members were leaving the unit in droves because they were getting better offers elsewhere.

Dr Simon Howell, from the University of Cape Town (UCT)’s Centre for Criminology, said he’s not surprised the South African Police Service (SAPS) is doing a recruitment drive to bolster the unit.

Howell said the unit has become a victim of its own success.

“They are highly respected elsewhere and as a result, can command very good paycheques elsewhere which, considering the exchange rate, South Africa cannot be competitive with.”

Howell said the exodus would affect the police’s capacity to combat specialized crime in the country.

“On the other hand, there needs to be some internal reflection as to why that is occurring and what SAPS can do to begin the process of attracting new members and keeping those who have the skills.”


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