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Sangoma sues Speaker of Parliament

Rebecca Kadaga

Sangoma sues Speaker of Parliament. Sangoma Damiano Akuze is demanding Shs204,5 million (about R739 000) for work that he did on Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga 29 years ago.

A senior member of Uganda’s parliament is facing court action for allegedly failing to pay a sangoma for muthi that he says is responsible for her success.

According to Daily Monitor, Akuze filed his suit against Kadaga in Jinja High Court in the south of the country on Monday.

In his court papers, Akuze claims that Kadaga approached him at his shrine in Buwala, north of Kampala in 1990.

Rebecca Kadaga

“The defendant (Speaker Kadaga) requested the plaintiff (the sangoma) to work on her so that she would be given a big job in government and also be driven in a convoy like a president.

“The defendant did not have money to pay the plaintiff at the time. The plaintiff agreed to work on her on condition that she would pay the plaintiff as soon as she got the job,” states Akuze.


For two nights, on the 1 and 2 September 1990, Akuze says he “worked on Kadaga”, “and the defendant acknowledged the good care that the plaintiff gave to her”.

“Immediately on the 3rd day of September 1990, the defendant (Kadaga) was called by President Museveni and appointed minister and has since then held big positions in government,” states Akuze.

Akuze claims that he and Kadaga had made a deal at the time that she would reward him for his powerful muthi by building him a house worth Shs100 million (about R361 000), a tipper truck worth Shs60 million (about R217 000), a plot of land worth Shs40 million (about R145 000) and four cows, among other things.

The total value comes to Shs204,5 million. But Kadaga has failed to honour their contract and only coughed up Shs1 million (about R3 600) in 2017, says Akuze.

Kadaga has yet to file her defence. Once she has, a date will be set for a hearing. Kadaga could not be reached for comment, according to Daily Monitor.

Source: Daily Sun