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Media Personality Sam Lehoko Shares Her Struggle With Addiction

Media personality Samantha ‘Sammy Sosa’ Lehoko lives a pretty private life. Other than being open about being a mother and loving it, she does not share much about her life. But now she has opened up on something deeply personal: her journey to sobriety.

Sam recently took to her Instagram stories to share that she had just celebrated 14 months of sobriety. She is grateful to be clean and sober, and is intent on staying committed to the program for the rest of her life.

In November 2021, she talked about being proud of her growth throughout the journey, as she celebrated one year with a chip she posted on Instagram. She highlighted it as a period of major changes, gratitude, self-discovery, and self-awareness, among other positive differences in her life.Sam Lehoko

She talked about being proud of the fact that now that she is sober, she is able to show up for her children, her colleagues, friends and family, and most importantly, for herself. She recalled the horrible choices she made when she was in the pits of her addiction, and acknowledged that she caused many people a lot of pain during that time.

But she is grateful that she gets a chance to make amends, and to be able to enjoy wholesome relationships with her loved ones. Although she disappointed them many times before, she is glad that recovery gives her another chance to do better, and isn’t that all we can ask for?

“Although my story isn’t one that I have shared with many, today I sit with far more courage than I ever did.

Today, I am able to show up for my 2 beautiful children, my colleagues, my friends, my family and myself. By setting a foundation of recovery, I have found myself and that balance that I have been searching for.

Yes, I made some horrible choices and yes, I’ve hurt people who are closest to me, however I choose to take accountability now and made my amends. THIS IS ONE OF THE MANY GIFTS OF RECOVERY,” she wrote.

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