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SABC host claims he was called a monkey and beaten up in racial attack video

Samora Mangesi

Samora Mangesi has shared footage from the scene of an alleged attack and now wants the police to effect arrests.
An SABC television host, 26, Samora Mangesi, has shared shocking photos of himself following what he alleges was a “racially motivated attack” on him on the West Rand of Johannesburg, apparently around the Wilro Park area.

He also shared videos allegedly taken at the scene, which you can view below.

Mangesi is a former presenter of the Hectic Nine show and joined The Real Goboza as a co-host last year.

Samora Mangesi

He wrote that on Friday night he was attacked after stopping “to check on a group of young white people whose car had overturned”.

He said: “They called my friends and I monkeys. When we engaged them on why we were being called such, they beat me up until I was unconscious.”

My memory post the attack is very sporadic,” he further explained. “I remember going in for a CT scan and then signing papers to leave the hospital. As much as they say I was awake, I don’t remember being in the ambulance, arriving at the hospital nor much of the treatment. Qha kuthwa bendigqwenks.”

He said he had “toyed with the idea of letting it go” and just continuing with his life, but said he’d changed his mind because “apparently this is not the first time that this has happened to a black man in the West Rand, more especially around Wilropark”.

Mangesi said a friend’s neighbour was driving past at the time and witnessed the whole thing.

He claimed it had also happened to him.

“So today, I went to the police station armed with only reg. numbers, photos and videos to open a case again my unknown attackers.”

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Source: The Citizen