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SA Post Office signs deal with US online shopping

South African Post Office (Sapo)

Online shopping retailer Wish has announced a strategic partnership with the South African Post Office to strengthen its logistics capabilities and customer experience for South African consumers.

According to a shareholder statement from Wish, the company will be working directly with the Post Office to create a more consistent and efficient experience for its customers.

These will include benefits such as:

Average 50%+ faster transit times.
End-to-end tracking visibility and delivery confirmation.
Customers to receive bundled shipments for multiple items.
SMS and physical notifications on deliveries awaiting collection.
Vice President of Operations at Wish Thomas Chuang said the company aimed to democratise ecommerce and make it affordable, accessible and open to all by constantly improving product, process and technology.

“The South African market is an important one for the business and our partnership with SAPO will help us to provide faster time to door by 50% or more,” Chuang said.

“This is critical to ensuring a positive customer experience and satisfaction and will enable us to better serve our customers in this market,” he added.

Wish said that both partners aimed to provide a streamlined and efficient cross border logistics experience to the global e-commerce giant’s growing user base in the region.

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