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SA local Chinese businesses suffering due to coronavirus fears


The coronavirus is impacting on local Chinese businesses and the number of restaurant customers is dwindling. Fewer customers are going to Chinese restaurants fearing they could be exposed to the coronavirus. Meanwhile, the Chinese community is being proactive about monitoring people who have visited China.

Many local Chinese who visited their families during the Lunar New Year are not able to return, due to travel restrictions in China. We have families, relatives still in China. We’re watching the news every day and hour to see what’s happening,” said Simon Shi, a local businessman.

The local Chinese community has donated more than a million rand’s worth of face masks and thermometers to China. There are concerns though about the economic impact of the virus, as goods are not able to freely leave China as before. The production of the product is getting slow now. All over the world, we’ll see that after three months. The production is not normal like before,” said Jonathan Qin, MD of Oriental City Group.

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The Chinese community says it’s closely monitoring Chinese people returning to SA to ensure that the coronavirus does not get brought into the country. They’re doing house calls to check up on families and get them medical help if needed.

There have been no reported cases of anyone in South Africa having contracted the coronavirus. However, at least one school in Gauteng has asked the parents of children who recently visited China not to attend the school for at least two weeks, as a precautionary measure.

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