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Caretaker at retirement home sentenced to 15 years for s.e.xually assaulting the elderly

A 37-year-old Western Cape man was sentenced to 15-years in prison for s.e.xually assaulting the elderly and for possessing child p0rn0graphy.

Mark Labuschagne was a caretaker and general worker at a retirement home in Mossel Bay. During his employment at the home, he is accused of s.e.xually assaulting a 96-year-old lady and also m@sturbating in public and forcing a 79-year-old woman to watch.

During his arrest in October 2020, police confiscated his cellphone and discovered child p0rn0graphy images on his phone for which he was also charged.

The court also ruled that Labuschagne’s name should be recorded in both the S.exual Offences Register and the Abuse of Elderly Persons Register, in addition, he was declared unfit to possess a firearm and also unfit to work with children.


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