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Queen Lolly in trouble following her claims of s.e.x tape with Musa Mseleku

Reality TV star Musa Mseleku has slapped ‘Slay Queen’ and musician Queen Lolly (real name Nomfundo Shezi) with a lawyers letter after she went on a popular podcast claiming that she slept with Mseleku and had video evidence to back her claims.

According to a report by IOL, she made these claims on the Omakhwapheni Podcast where she had a chat with controversial gossip blogger Musa Khawula about her sǝx life.

In a short video clip doing the rounds on social media, Lolly tells Khawula that she slept with Musa Mseleku.

Queen Lolly

She further tried to prove her point by playing the audio of a video of two people having sǝx and claimed it was her and Mseleku.

“It’s yours, it’s yours baby, it’s yours sthandwa sami,” says the woman in the video.

She then says “Mseleku” repeatedly and the man responds every time the name is called.

Khawula asked for her phone to see for himself and she refused to show him the video. He insisted that he did not believe her.

Musa Mseleku

Later on in the podcast, she clarifies that she was actually speaking about Musa’s son, Mpumi. She then posted pictures of them laying in bed together which she later deleted.

Mpumi’s other name, coincidentally, is Musa, thus making him Musa Mseleku Junior as per the lawyers’ letter sent to Queen Lolly.

The screenshot of the letter, shared by Twitter user Thulani Ndaba, Msekelu’s legal representatives highlight that based on her admission of obtaining the video footage of the sǝxual acts from the CCTV cameras installed in her home, she recorded Mseleku junior without his knowledge or consent.

The letter also notes that her insistence on not clearing up which Musa Mseleku she was referring to create a widespread impression that she was having an affair with Mseleku senior, who is a well-known businessman and reality star.

The letter concluded by asking her to stop mentioning both Mseleku men publicly.

The cheeky musician then responded in a video and referred to Mseleku senior as her father-in-law and she told him to ask his son to tell him the truth.

“I doubt Mseleku — who is my man and your son — gives you a report of his whereabouts and his activities when he leaves his partners at home and has sǝxual relations with other people.

“I don’t understand why you, as my father-in-law, would defend this when you were not present. I received a letter from your lawyers, but I don’t understand why you would go to social media and mention me — your daughter-in-law,” she added.

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