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ANC dips below 50% in Rustenburg again

The ANC failed to reclaim the control of Rustenburg Municipality in North West, despite winning two wards from the EFF.

The ANC snatched ward 28 in Lethabong and ward 32 in Marikana from the EFF, but went on to lose ward 23 in Kanana to rookies Tsogang Civic Movement and ward 43 in Zinniaville to the DA.

According to the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) result dashboard on Wednesday, at 11pm, the ANC won 46.74% and 43 seats.

This meant Rustenburg is a hung municipality, as the ANC did not win an outright majority.

In the previously municipal election in 2016, the ANC failed to win an outright majority to control Rustenburg, it won 43 seats out of 89 council seats.

It ruled through coalition with Botho Community Movement, a community-based organization from Boitekong which won one seat, and the African Independent Congress which also won one seat.

Botho Community Movement has retained its sole seat in the Rustenburg council, it was expected that it would work with the ANC again.

The ANC also dipped below the 50% threshold in the JB Marks and Lekwa-Teemane Municipalities.

Going to the municipal election, DA provincial leader Leon Basson said they wanted to win the control of JB Marks and Rustenburg Municipalities, but first they have to keep the ANC below 50%, so that it does not take full control of the municipalities.

The EFF retained ward 24 in Freedom Park, Rustenburg, with an increased majority – the party won the ward with 47.62% compared to 46.42% in 2016.

The EFF also snatched a ward from the ANC in the Lekwa-Teemane Municipality.

By 11 pm, the ANC had won 15 municipalities, with Moretele, Moses Kotane, and Ditsobotla still to be counted.


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