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Rural KZN community in Ingwavuma feels forgotten by the government

Sihle Zikalala

A community in rural Ingwavuma, northern KwaZulu-Natal says government has forgotten them.

Ingwavuma residents are struggling with water shortage and are forced to share water with animals.

With coronavirus cases increasing in rural areas KwaZulu Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala has visited Ingwavuma to assess its readiness to deal with the pandemic.

The KZN provincial government has conducted a walkabout there and much-needed equipment has been handed over.

The remote rural area of Ingwavuma is on the border between South Africa and Swaziland lags behind in terms of services but by far the most serious is a water shortage.

The provincial government has acknowledged the challenges that rural communities face and Zikalala has committed to fast-tracking services in marginalised areas.

“This is where we should focus in ensuring development for us development should mean empowering those who are at the lowest level in terms of our socio-economic standard,” Zikalala said.

The KZN premier has also encouraged communities to use available land for agricultural purposes so as to fight poverty.

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Source: eNCA