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Robert Marawa spills the beans on SuperSport’s dirty works

Robert Marawa

Veteran sportscaster Robert Marawa took to Twitter with a tweet that would shake the nation; letting the public in on his unfair dismissal from his SuperSport show.

In a series of tweets, he projected his frustration with the broadcaster and alluded to se_xual harassment taking place in the workplace.

Marawa retweeted several of his sportscaster colleague, Mmaphuti Mashamaite’s tweets highlighting her ordeal at work. She revealed to Sowetan Live that she was se_xually harassed by one of her bosses she has now dubbed as the “se_xual predator”.




Mashamaite, who works as a sports presenter for the MultiChoice Diski Challenge Asidlali Games, said she has since relocated to Limpopo as a result of the continual fight she experienced on a daily basis.

She was planning a tell-all press conference, that would name and shame the man she said has made her life a living hell at work. But, Mashamaite had earlier tweeted she had been advised to keep quiet about her ordeal for the sake of her brand.

SuperSport, on the other hand, has denied all the allegations.

Robert Marawa
Robert Marawa

SuperSport spokesperson Clinton van der Berg refuted the claims that Robert was sacked from his job at the organisation because of his involvement in the se_xual harassment case.

“Se_xual harassment is, however, completely unrelated to, and played no role whatsoever in the decision by SuperSport to not pursue a contractual relationship with Robert Marawa,” he said.

It seems like the SuperSport broadcaster is still very much in a position of power but the story is still unfolding as the battle of ‘he said, she said” continues.

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