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Riky Rick regrets his MMA explosive speech in 2017

Riky Rick regrets his MMA explosive speech in 2017. The trendsetting rapper, Riky Rick has opened up about his true feelings over that controversial MMA16 acceptance speech.

In 2017, the 16th annual Metro FM Awards honoured Riky with the Best Hit Single for Sidlukotini but no one was ready for his speech.

“Shout out to all the kids that never get on radio, that can’t get their song played on radio because they don’t have enough money. Shout out to all the kids who put out music videos and never get their music videos played on TV because they don’t have the money,” he said.

Riky Rick

“There’s too many obstructions that are blocking people from putting out the doppest music. 90% of the s**t I hear on radio is garbage. Forget radio, go to the internet and make your songs pop on the internet,” he went on.

This week on SABC 3’s Trending SA, Riky confessed that he wasn’t too happy with how he handled the whole thing. “I have a habit of speak [at the wrong time sometimes], like saying the right thing at the wrong time. So obviously there was backlash, a lot of it. But that’s something you gotta deal with,” he said.

The fashion-daring rapper also admitted that the speech dented his relationship with some friends he had working at Metro FM.

“I have friends at that particular station and I felt like I disrespected the relationship that I have with those friends and those people that have supported me throughout my career. I look back and I’m not too proud to watch that video back,” he said.

“I [could’ve] done that a better way, but sometimes the message comes with lemons,” he ended off.

Riky did say that he doesn’t fully regret his actions as those were facts and emerging artists will still face the same challenges in 20 years’ time.

“The kids identified with the problem, and they’ll still identify with the problem 20 years from now. But what we need to do is start presenting solutions,” he said.

Source: Daily Sun