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Is Rihanna pregnant?


A video of her performing at her 2019 Diamond Ball charity gala has her fans convinced that she is.

“Is Rihanna pregnant?” was the question heard around the world on Friday morning after a short social media clip from an Instagram story taken during her 2019 Diamond Ball charity gala was widely shared across various social media platforms.


In the video, Rihanna can be seen wearing a velvet Givenchy Fall 2019 couture gown as she performs the smash hit Lemon alongside Pharell. But, it is when she turns sideways that a very noticeable bump on her belly becomes visible.


Fans’ suspicions were further compounded by the fact that Rihanna has been posing with her hand over her stomach this week.

Their suspicion was further increased by a certain line in her interview with US publication Essence Magazine.

“I’m a black woman, I come from a black woman who came from a black woman, who came from a black woman and I’m gonna give birth to a black woman…” said Rihanna.

The star has been dating hunky Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel for the last few years.

In other news – Mother & child camp outside Nigerian consulate for free ride home

A young mother, sleeping at the Nigerian Consulate with her child, says she has no choice but to try to go back to her home country. She’s among a number of Nigerian nationals who have fled their South African homes to safety, amidst attacks on foreign nationals.

Mother & child camp outside Nigerian consulate for free ride home

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Source: TheCitizen


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