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Former ‘fake prophet’ tells Rights Commission how he used to manipulate people


A man who admitted to being a fake prophet on Monday told the CRL Rights Commission how he lived a lavish lifestyle by manipulating people’s minds.

The commission held a hearing in Braamfontein on abuse in the religious sector. It heard explosive testimony from Jay Israel, who admitted to being a fake prophet.

Israel testified how he conned people out of their belongings for some time in Port Elizabeth.

“I can find all the scriptures to support the fact that every month you must give me money without fail. And I will use the scriptures to make sure that if you don’t give me that money, you feel like you are going to hell,” Israel said.

He said all the so-called miracles happening at prophetic churches were faked, which he used to do.

“Most of the prophecies that you see prophets giving on TV, they are staged managed,” he said.

He said he stopped last year after careful consideration, saying that he was suicidal at one stage.

This comes just days after self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary, fled the country and were now considered fugitives.


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