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Emotional moments at Rhulani Macheka’s funeral, the 9-year-old boy who was killed by concrete pillars

Rhulani Macheka family crying at his funeral

The grieving parents of a boy killed by concrete pillars on 17 March are still waiting for the person responsible for the place where their son died to come and say sorry.

Rhulani Macheka (9) from Winterveldt north of Tshwane was buried on Saturday at Paradise Cemetery in Winterveldt.

The family and siblings cried uncontrollably as the coffin was lowered down the grave.

The publication published the story on 24-3-2021 headlined: “Boy dies in freak accident.”

His mother, Sibongile Macheka (43), told the publication that they will never have peace until the person who owns the place where her son died come and makes peace with family.

“We will always remember our boy; he didn’t deserve to die like that.

“We hope the person hears our plea because we will not rest until we find him,” she said.

Rhulani Macheka

Sibongile said the person should pay because what happened inhumane.

She said when she passes the place where her son died, she feels heartbroken.

“My son was innocent and didn’t deserve to die such a painful death,” she said.

Rhulani’s father, Patrick Ndlovu (45), said he is still weak and doesn’t believe that he has just buried his son.

“We are heartbroken, and we will always remember him, he was our hope because he loves all of us,” he said.

Patrick said he will continue looking for the person who owns the place where his son died.

He said that they need compensation as the person was ignorant and an apology as well.

Neighbour Lesego Mashabela (35) said what happened to the child was very painful.

“We wish such incidents like this can be avoided. I will remember him because of his hype and definitely he had a great future but cut short by negligence,” she said.

City of Tshwane Acting Chief of Staff Jordan Griffiths said their team has reached out to the affected family.

Preliminary information indicates that the incident happened on a private land where a shopping centre is being developed,” he said.

-daily sun

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