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S.e.xual assault claims surface at refugee church

The scene inside the Central Methodist Church in Cape Town, where refugees have been staying since 30 October 2019

The Central Methodist Church in Cape Town has become a crime scene. That’s where about 700 refugees and asylum seekers — including women and children — have been living for three months.

NGOs have received a number of complaints from refugees about sexual assault, assault, and intimidation.

But the refugees are too scared to go to the police.

A young woman says when she entered the church to visit her parents, she was assaulted by fellow refugees.

She was unaware the refugees had split into two groups and that her parents were with the outside group.

“I found myself on the ground. I saw this guy opening my pants, he opened my buttons and my zip,” she said.

“He tried to rape me.”


She managed to get away from her attackers and fled.

Cape Town police are investigating sexual assault and assault charges.

They are appealing to those who have been assaulted to report these cases to them for investigation.

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