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Red Ants demolish shacks in Lawley

Red Ants

The Red Ants have destroyed dozens of shacks in Lawley in Johannesburg south. The City of Johannesburg said the people living there had invaded the land illegally and that this won’t be tolerated.

This is in contravention with the updated COVID-19 lockdown regulations which state no one should be evicted during this time, even people in informal structures.

The city said the men in red are under strict instructions only to demolish structures that have not been occupied yet, meaning those with furniture or people inside must be left as they are.

Despite these instructions, eNCA has found a destroyed structure that had someone’s belongings inside.

The City of Johannesburg says people are taking chances with the law during the lockdown.

Mayoral spokesperson Mlimandlela Ndamase said, “as the city, we are realizing an increase in the illegal occupation of buildings, illegal invasion of land and we did say from the onset that we will not be evicting people who are in structures but we will prevent the illegal occupation of structures and invasion of land.”

The owners of the structures say this action goes against the lockdown regulations.

They say they now have no choice but to be accommodated by friends, reducing social distancing and increasing the risk of spreading COVID-19.

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Source: eNCA