Home Job Listings Veterinary Receptionist wanted immediately: Apply Now

Veterinary Receptionist wanted immediately: Apply Now

Hotel Receptionist

Veterinary Receptionist wanted immediately: Apply Now


Answering phone calls

Booking Housecalls

Responding to emails


Assisting with walk in clients

Assisting with animals during a consult/surgery

Capturing and invoicing stock

Managing the vets diary


Previous Veterinary reception experience advantages

Microvet experience advantages

Must be able to multitask!

Must be Microsoft Word,Excel and Outlook proficient

Must know the basics about animal care eg: When are cats and dogs meant to be vaccinated,dewormed and sterilized etc

Job Type: Full-time


Veterinary Receptionist: 1 year (Preferred)
Customer Service: 1 year (Required)

High School (matric) (Required)

Randpark Ridge, Gauteng (Required). Apply Now

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